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Bus Advertising in the UK with Transport Media

Buses and bus advertising are everywhere, which means that bus advertising offers fantastic results. Bus advertising is commonly used to target audiences in busy urban environments on many advertising formats.

With access to every bus route, across every town and city in the UK, Transport Media offers the ability to achieve maximum exposure by using bus advertising as a standalone format or as part of a mixed media campaign.

By placing bus advertising on specific routes and in targeted geographical areas, Transport Media can provide you with a cost-effective campaign and avoid financial wastage in areas your campaign doesn’t need to target.

Bus advertising is unmissable, and a portable format for your campaign; they’ll take your brand into places other types of advertising can’t reach. They cover ground and ensure that plenty of people see them-whether they’re on the road, pedestrians or passers-by.


How Does Bus Advertising Perform?

  • Scale – 30 million people have seen advertising on the outside of a bus in the last week.
  • Welcomed – 73% of London commuters actually prefer buses with advertising.
  • Response – 80% of consumers have responded to an advert in or on a bus.
  • Memorable – 86% of bus passengers rising to 91% of bus passengers in London can spontaneously recall bus adverts.
  • Prime audience – 65% of ABC1 adults have noticed bus advertising in the last week. Furthermore that number grows to 74% in London.


Why You Should Choose Bus Advertising

  •  High Visibility – Buses are highly visible vehicles, providing a large and mobile canvas for advertising messages.
  • Reach – Buses travel through densely populated areas and can reach a large number of people in various demographics, making it an effective way to reach a broad audience.
  • Cost-effective – Compared to other forms of advertising such as television or print, bus advertising is relatively cost-effective and can provide a good return on investment.
  • Targeted Audience –Buses often follow specific routes, which allows bus advertising to target specific demographics.
  • Long Lifespan –Bus advertising typically has a long lifespan, providing a long-term exposure of your brand or product.
  • Long Reach –Buses operate within specific regions and cities, making it an ideal way for local businesses to reach their target audience.

Transport Media has all the knowledge and tools to ensure that your bus campaign is being driven down the correct route. We have access to over 97% of buses available over 200 different bus operators throughout the UK, including bus advertising in London and other major UK cities, towns and villages.

We work with renowned names like Arriva Buses, Go-Ahead Group, First Group, National Express and the Stagecoach Group as well as hundreds of independent companies, offering hard to reach routes to guarantee that your bus advertising journey will be as prominent as possible.

With market beating rates and the ability to execute campaigns within a few days’ notice, Transport Media is a trusted partner to many top brands and local authorities when it comes to bus advertising.

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